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Petunia and the Hospital iOS Mobile App-


Status: Provisional Patent

Bringing Petunia to life!

After writing and publishing my book, How Petunia Gets Ready For The Hospital: Tips For an Easy Hospital Stay, I knew I wasn't done yet with Petunia. I decided to combine my love for technology and innovation in widening my impact. Junior year I designed the informative, adventure-filled iOS mobile app to give patients greater, and completely free, access to my book’s content.

Mobile App Video Representation:


Critically important, the app lets users interact with the material and control their experience through it. I designed the app to enable feelings of ownership, a strong contributor to positive patient mental health. Users dress up their desired avatar (Petunia or Pete), practice breathing exercises with it, and touch different operation and recovery room objects to become familiar with them. We are less afraid of things we understand.

The app brings patients on Petunia (or Pete's) journey. First preparing for the surgery, going into the operation room, and then finally recovery. 

In the operation and recovery rooms, patients can press on different digital machines and objects to learn more about them. 

Petunia and the Hospital
Petunia and the Hospital

The app is also done with full sound effects and iOS and android touch screen compatibility to fully bring the book's characters to life!

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